Which Presiding officer in the Welsh Assembly is going to stand aside for a man?

Published Jan 24, 2018

UKIP Wales has attacked moves to enforce gender balance through law is an admission of defeat by 'progressives'. They implied that the Welsh Assembly is an organisation cannot be reformed at the cultural level but relies upon the compulsion to bring about change.

A spokesman said, “Why stop at gender quotas? How about quotas for race, age, creed or a myriad of other characteristics – the list is endless. The mind boggles at how they would contend with the different demands of multiple quotas. The permutations quickly become impossibly complicated as each “minority” is to be equally respected.

“UKIP Wales believes in true meritocracy and considers people on their skills alone, irrespective of protected characteristics. We oppose gender quotas on these grounds everywhere.

“We would also like to know which of the current Presiding Officers is willing to give up her job to a male AM, in order to satisfy a 50/50 quota.”

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