UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill says he is astonished by school rugby ban proposal

Published Mar 02, 2016

Nathan_Gill.jpgUKIP Leader in Wales Nathan Gill has slammed proposals to ban tackling in school sports, calling it "a fundamental aspect of the game."

“As a proud rugby playing nation, how will we develop a competitive first fifteen when Welsh school kids are being forced to play touch football in place of proper rugby? Tackling is a fundamental aspect of the game. I understand the importance of protecting childrens’ health and as a father of five I would be really concerned if any of my kids were being put at risk. But it’s the role of qualified Physical Education instructors to ensure school sports are played safely while talents are developed and skills encouraged. I am astonished that this is being proposed.

"School kids have been playing rugby for generations. Why now is it suddenly being deemed a problem? It reflects an over protective nanny state that stifles innovation and progression."

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