UKIP welcome Labour stalwart Marjorie Broughton

Published Apr 18, 2015

IMG_0471WEBSITE.jpgOn a day of campaigning for Harriet Yeo in Folkestone, Majorie Broughton, formerly a member of Labour’s National Policy Forum and who was involved in the Government’s working groups looking at policies for an aging population joined UKIP.

Ms Broughton said, “I’m joining UKIP for a number of reasons. Largely it is to do with the lack of accountability of the European Union, its technocrats and bureaucrats who cannot get their own accounts signed off for nearly 20 years, but still lay down the law for everybody else. Only UKIP is prepared to stand up to this and promise a free and fair referendum on the issue. Labour, under Mr Miliband will not do that.

I am also concerned about the impact of mass uncontrolled immigration on local services across the country, in particular housing. It is very simple, if you have 250,000 people, net, arriving here every year, then they will need somewhere to live. This puts a massive strain on local housing stock and is making it almost impossible for young locals to get a council property, or onto the private housing ladder.

Throughout my working life in the public sector, both health and local government, I have been a trade union activist, successfully campaigning for improved working conditions, gaining good advocacy, organisational and interpersonal skills as a senior shop steward.  I played a leading role in a number of local authority working parties including equal opportunities and anti-racism, workplace harassment, encouraging people from black and ethnic minorities to become activists. Today I find the only place that seems to agree with me on these things is UKIP”.

Harriet Yeo, UKIP’s candidate in Folkestone and former Chairman of the Labour Party NEC said, “I am delighted to welcome Marjory. She is a doughty fighter for the rights of the elderly and the ordinary working men and women of this country. UKIP will be richer for her support and wisdom”.

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