UKIP welcome Treasury Select Committee study into economic facts in the Brexit Debate

Published Apr 08, 2016

mark_reckless.jpgMark Reckless, the UKIP Economics spokesman has welcomed a request from the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee to provide them with all printed claims by the party to do with the economics of Brexit during he referendum campaign.

"We are delighted that the Committee is planning to scrutinise the publicity produced by the various campaigning groups. We will be sending copies of all our publicity as we are confident that what we are saying is the unvarnished truth designed to give the people of the United Kingdom a fair and reasonable view in order that they can make their own minds up on this, the most important political decision in generations.

"Their request talks about all the campaigning groups on both sides of the debate being invited to submit their publicity, and I hope that all groups comply with the request.

"However, I also hope that they will be looking at the Government own activities in this field itself and the extraordinary partial and largely fictional £9.3 million taxpayer funded campaign that they are pumping through every door in the country.

"It is outrageous that the two official campaigns for Remain and Leave are allowed to spend £7 million on the campaign, whilst the Government spend more than that on one side of the argument, using the taxes of people who are firmly opposed to the EU to attempt to frighten them into supporting the project".

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