UKIP welcomes Repeal Bill vote, calls for compassion for Labour and Lib Dems

Published Sep 12, 2017
UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther said today: “I would like to congratulate the MPs who voted to pass the EU Withdrawal Bill through its second reading tonight, respecting the will of the British people. Particularly Caroline Flint, who managed to lead the charge from the back.


“I would like to ask that we all show compassion for the Leader of the Labour Party, who is clearly now extremely confused and cannot remember things that he has believed in for 30 years. 
"Also our thoughts are with the Liberal Democrats, who are suffering from a tragic attack of hyperbole which, coming so soon after Vince Cable’s reference to ‘Brexit jihadis’, could suggest that their recent electoral injuries are even more life-threatening than we thought."
Liberal Democrat spokesman Tom Brake described the result as handing the Government “unprecedented new powers” and “extreme powers not seen since the Middle Ages”. UKIP pointed out these are the same powers that have been used to implement EU legislation for the past 40 years, and that the Middle Ages are generally considered to predate even Henry VIII. 
“So sad that history is no longer the Lib-Dems’ strong point, when it is the only reason for their continued existence”, said Mr Crowther.
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