UKIP will always stand up for pensioner's rights

Published Oct 05, 2015

mcnarry2.pngDavid McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has condemned suggestions by the Taxpayer’s Alliance at a fringe meeting in the Tory Party conference to cut pensioner’s benefits: "To suggest that the government should exploit the current disarray of the Labour Party to make savage cuts to pensioner benefits and then make the suggestion that pensioners would ‘forget’ who had cut their benefits by the time of the next election, is deeply offensive to millions of people in this country. It is the language of condescension and contempt and it should have no part in political debate.

"The Taxpayer’s Alliance who hosted this fringe group meeting at the Conservative Party conference where these views were reportedly put forward by Taxpayer’s Alliance Research Director, Alex Wild, should be ashamed of themselves. Liam Fox MP, the senior Conservative MP who was the keynote speaker at the event, should dissociate himself from these comments immediately."

Mr McNarry added: “The attitude portrayed by these comments shows a deep seated contempt for voters, and it shows what is wrong with so many of today’s political parties, whose only interest in voters is to use and exploit them. UKIP, unlike the other parties, puts people at the centre, delivers on its promises and voices the concerns ordinary people have. UKIP will always stand up for pensioner’s rights.”

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