Unemployed Brits' chances of finding work dashed by Brussels scheme

Published Feb 25, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokesman Jane Collins has said the ONS statistics showing the increase in young people not in education, employment or training released on the same day as MEPs voted to advertise all jobs and apprenticeships in the UK on an EU wide website "demonstrated how the EU has a negative effect on the prospects of young people in Britain."

"There were 853,000 young people classed as NEET, up 5000 yet MEPs from the Tories, Labour and other UK parties will today vote through an extension of an EU scheme which has overwhelmingly seen UK jobs advertised and taken up by people from other EU countries.

The figures also show that of the 290,000 people who came to the UK for work up for the 12 months up to September 2015, 69,000 - or 24 per cent - had no definite job to go to adding to the problem of over supply in the unskilled labour market and driving down wages.

"This legislation means that every man and his dog can apply for a UK job, even if it is in the public sector, and Job Centre Plus must advertise it to half a billion people.

"Yet here is diamond cut proof that young British people are suffering. I don't believe, as other politicians say, that our youth are lazy or stupid. I am regularly contacted by people young and old who are desperate for work but are turned away by recruitment companies who will only put eastern europeans on their books or find jobs are being advertised in Polish or Romanian.

"The official figures demonstrate clearly that over half the growth in employment last year was accounted for by foreign nationals.

"Until we leave the EU, which every British voter and everyone desperately looking for a job will get a chance to do on June 23rd, we will be hamstrung by this legislation which is damaging our future economic prosperity and competitiveness."

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