Unions and Government Pushing Transgender Books on Primary Schools is Wrong

Published Dec 13, 2017

The call by the National Association of Head Teachers and the government to allow books featuring transgender parents into primary schools is wrong.

David Kurten AM, the UKIP education spokesman, and a former teacher said "Only a tiny percentage of people in the UK identify as transgender and this issue is being given an disproportionate amount of attention, particularly aimed at very young children in primary and pre-schools.

"Society accepts adults who want to lead alternative lifestyles, but to require schools and teachers to "celebrate" transgenderism is unacceptable, and damaging to children’s natural development as boys and girls.

"The government and unions should stop concentrating upon fringe ideologies and start listening to the majority of parents who do not want their children exposed to this transgender agenda.

"The government’s plans for compulsory ‘sex and relationships education in primary schools, to start in September 2019 is deeply worrying for many parents. Parents have the primary responsibility for the welfare and education of their carers, and they should have the final say in passing on values to their children. Forcing these books on primary schools is completely wrong."

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