Victims of CSE should not have their compensation cut says UKIP

Published Aug 04, 2015

jane-collins.jpgAnti CSE campaigner and Rotherham MEP Jane Collins has attacked he government's position of cutting compensation for victims of sexual abuse who have criminal records.

Mrs Collins said that many of the victims would have committed crimes because they had fallen into a spiral of despair and desperation after being introduced to drugs and drink by their abusers.

"When I spoke to victims it became evident very quickly that drugs and alcohol were the main control mechanisms used by the abusers as both a lure and a way to dominate their victims.

"This led to many dropping out of school and falling into petty crime to feed habits developed by being abused.

"They find themselves 18 years old, single parents, cast adrift by their families with addictions and no job to fund them and very little social support.

"The government should be stepping up their support of these victims who have been failed by the state instead of penalising them."

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