Vote Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner



The Police and Crime Commissioner election in South Yorkshire takes place today. We are in a very strong position and it's a straight fight between UKIP and Labour. We can win this election and really cause a storm in this Labour heartland.

By voting for Jack Clarkson, you will be voting for common sense and one law for all, that will be implemented without fear or favour.

Jack says: "My aim, if elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, would be simple. To re-establish and maintain the public’s trust in the uniform I was so proud to wear for more than 30 years.

"Following a string of recent criticisms that has undermined public confidence and demoralised South Yorkshire police officers, the people of the county now have the opportunity to seize the initiative and put in place a team that will provide strong leadership and a new, common sense approach to policing that leaves the old politics behind. 


Polling stations close at 10pm tonight. Make sure you vote!


"This means instilling a new culture in the force, where crimes are investigated without fear or favour.

"The simple fact is the public need to be able to trust the police to do the right thing and to help them when they need it most and this is what I will deliver to the people of South Yorkshire. 

"I want a force that has a more visible presence, with the aim of putting more boots on the ground and a more community orientated policing policy that will safeguard our communities for all. I want to work toward a county where criminals fear to tread and police officers & PCSO’s are proud to pull on the uniform and serve the public, the way I once did."

Here are just a few of Jack's ideas:

- Endeavour to remove political interference from South Yorkshire Police
- Implement a policy of community focused policing to make communities safer.
- Endeavour to cut police paperwork and put more police boots on the ground.
- Roll back the tide of political correctness to provide fair policing for all.
- Encourage better co-operation between all agencies in South Yorkshire
- Ensure support and protection for whistle blowers from any agency
- Support front line staff trying to do their job
- Highlight the government's cuts to the police service and their detrimental effects
- Fight for proper resourcing of services

Find out more at and vote Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner today for a police force you can trust again. 

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