Wünderfull stuff, Müller announce £100 million investment in Britain

Published Sep 19, 2017

German dairy giant Müller has announced a major new investment in Britain, a "huge vote of confidence in the UK, its consumers and its dairy sector" says Stuart Agnew the UKIP Agriculture spokesman.

The investment, according to Müller is "£100m over the next three years to develop, manufacture and market a new generation of branded and private label yogurt and desserts products, made from milk produced by British farmers" and will be centered in Shropshire in particular a doubling of its Telford base.

Mr Agnew said,"What with Jack Links the US maker of Pepperoni announcing £200 million plans this week, and now Müller it is clear that the story of investment in food and agriculture in the UK is no longer a question of Despite Brexit, but Because of Brexit.

"International companies from both inside and outside the EU can see that the UK will remain a effective and growing market, and can also appreciate the quality from our agricultural producers, who will reap the benefit.

"I expect this to be the start of a significant trend across the entire agricultural and food sectors as producers locate business into the UK to take advantage of the positives that Brexit is bringing to our country".

As Müller put it themselves,
"This unprecedented level of investment will ensure that we can offer an increasing portfolio of great yogurt and desserts products made in Britain with milk from British farmers, which meet the needs of our customers.

“Müller’s approach in the UK within the yogurt and desserts and milk and ingredients sectors, is to grow our capabilities so that we can reduce the UK’s dependence on imported dairy products, and build a vibrant future for the British dairy industry.”

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