WARRENDER: Government plans to scrap MoT tests on 40 year old cars

Published Jan 30, 2018

UKIP call for Last Minute rethink on Scrapping the MoT safety test on 40 year old cars. Small business will see £200 Million lost, to say nothing of the safety aspect.

Against expert advice The Government is determined to press ahead with this dangerous policy.

40 year old cars capable of speeds up to 150mph and as we all know, susceptible to structural rust, will be allowed on our roads with no MoT test. Why is this cash strapped Government forsaking a revenue source and  putting people’s lives at risk? What is behind it?

UKIPs SME Spokesman Ernie Warrender said: “I have recently seen a 145 mph Car in immaculate condition, with terminal structural corrosion. Also, with the annual MoT test, inevitably comes a repair bill from your local garage or specialist. I estimate this potential loss of revenue to these Small businesses to be in excess of £200 MILLION!! To say nothing of the safety aspects. 1 Million Classics that usually need at least a couple of hundred pounds spent at the MoT time. This is harming our Small businesses”.

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