We do not think like the others and we want real change to happen in 2015


UKIP_M0416.jpegSome of UKIP's members aren't perfect - but at least we don't think like the others says Nigel Farage in his first newspaper column of 2015 for The Independent newspaper.

He writes: "Whatever imperfections may be seen in certain outspoken members of UKIP, one thing is for sure: we do not think like the others, and we want real change to happen in 2015.

"This can only be achieved with the support of ordinary British voters who act on what election experts are recognising as a trend away from the “big” parties, towards parties that actually seem to campaign on issues that affect people.

"UKIP is no longer seen as the “protest vote”, but rather as an opportunity to look outside the Westminster bubble for real solutions, devised by real people, with real life experience. We will fight the upcoming elections believing that our potential is still underestimated, and that the balance of power is within our grasp."

Read the rest of Nigel Farage's column here.

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