We expose the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MEPs who are jolly junketeers


Junketing MEPs sunning themselves on the Caribbean islands Trinidad and Barbados is what you get when you vote for Labour, Conservative and LibDem in the Euro Elections.

UKIP MEPs are not allowed to go on junkets but we have done an exposé of those LibLabCon MEPs who taken these taxpayer trips to exotic destinations and revealed how much it cost you. For instance, MEP junkets to places such as Surinam, Togo and Samoa cost of £13,400 pounds per trip. You aren’t benefitting, only the MEPs are. 

At UKIP we expect our MEPs to work hard, on behalf of their constituents, to return powers from the EU to the British people – not sun themselves at your expense on a beach in Tenerife. 

For more on our exposé of the European Parliament's jolly junketeers, click here

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