We need to increase Security spending, but not because of Brexit

Published Oct 19, 2017

Former chief of MI6 has called for increased security spending because of Brexit, but forgets that the UK's security spending cuts took place in part under his own watch.

Richard Bingley, the UKIP Spokesman on Cyber Security and Terrorism commented,
"I agree with Sir John in that UK national security spending needs to significantly rise. But this is not because of Brexit. It is because successive UK governments have cut the police and armed forces to record low numbers, failed to control our borders, failed to jail thousands of extremists, failed to withdraw from ECHR and failed to deter and degrade ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorism at our front door.

"As the other recent head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove sagely advised, intelligence sharing and the leading role of British agencies within overseas intelligence hubs and group networks, will continue undiminished. We were a security powerhouse well before EU membership. We will be again when we liberate ourselves from the EU'S authoritarian expansion and its naked attempt to duplicate and possibly subsume NATO. Only UKIP MPs in the next Parliament can deliver our national security renewal."

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