We're the only party committed to removing excessively paid execs


PeteReeve.jpgUKIP has slammed the findings from today's Tax Payers' Alliance report, showing that more than two thousand council employees are being paid six figure salaries, despite council budgets being cut by a third.

Local Government Spokesman and long serving Councillor Pete Reeve says his party is the only one that is actively working to cut costs.

"We are the only party committed to removing excessively overpaid council executives. We believe it's totally wrong that some Council Chief Execs are earning more than the Prime minister, while their councils are cutting front line services, putting the most vulnerable people in their community at risk. The clear loser is the tax payer who is getting poor value for money, often paying more and more whilst receiving ever poorer services.

"Not only does UKIP have the best attendance record among party councillors, many of our elected representatives choose to forego expenses that they could claim to make sure they are great value for money. We also actively encourage them to speak up for their constituents, showing loyalty to their community over and above toeing the party line. We are the only party to not 'whip' councillors, ensuring we really do provide grassroots democracy.

"UKIP Councillors now number four hundred and are working hard up and down the country to show that local government can and should be good value for money, cost effective and truly represent the local community. The more UKIP Councillors that get elected, the more these astronomical costs detailed in the TPA report will plummet."

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