Weekly bin collection pledges are just empty words


Pledges to restore weekly bin collections have been exposed as just empty words, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

He said: "The politicians who promised that weekly collections were safe and then later, when it proved otherwise, that they would be restored, have failed to deliver.

"They also consistently fail to mention that behind the change, which is detested by the majority of the public, lies two EU directives, said Mr Nuttall.

"The Waste Framework and the Landfill directives have placed impossible recycling targets and this along with austerity budget cuts have led to councils introducing alternate general waste and recycling collections.

"Many are also using them as a stealth tax by implementing charges for collecting garden waste and bulky items. People dutifully pay their council tax yet get a less frequent service and more bins.

"Families on average now have four different bins, and some as many as ten bins, bags and boxes and this may well get much worse from January 1 next year as - thanks again to the EU  - the authorities have been told to collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately. 

"The revised Waste Framework Directive does allow for the continued collection of "co-mingled" recyclables but some authorities are bound to implement it in a way meaning yet more bins," said Mr Nuttall.

"I have personally been campaigning for weekly bin collections since 2009 and it an issue that UKIP will continue to fight for. The Conservatives promised to restore the 'fundamental right' to have all bins emptied weekly but a survey has just shown just 6% of councils in England do so," he added.


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