Welcome news that more armed police will be deployed on London’s streets

Published Aug 03, 2016

Peter_3.jpgUKIP London Assembly Member Peter Whittle has welcomed today’s announcement that there will be more armed police on London’s streets to deter would-be attackers and reassure the public.

Peter Whittle AM, who sits on the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee, said, “I was the only Mayoral candidate in the recent elections who consistently called for more armed police on our streets, particularly at places of heightened security risk such as Tube Stations.

“It is regrettable that the security situation is as it is but I believe it is the first duty of government, at whatever level, to ensure the public’s security.

“The deployment of 600 additional firearms officers as part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Hercules will, I hope, do much to reassure the public and be a visible deterrent to those that seek to do us ill.”

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