Welsh Farmers see bright future Post-Brexit

Published Jul 11, 2017

UKIP Wales is excited at the prospect of Brexit for Welsh farmers. The UK produces only 60% of its food requirements; a hungry UK market awaits open-mouthed for Welsh produce. This is a great opportunity to build brand Wales within the UK market with the outcome of cheaper food for Welsh consumers.

After Brexit we’ll be free from subsidising competitors through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. Right now we give £6 billion to the EU for farming and only get £3 billion back for our own farmers. The UK will save £3 billion and still be able to subsidise UK farming at the current rate.

Welsh farmers are custodians of 80% of the Welsh countryside. They are responsible for the conservation of the environment throughout the country by adopting good practises. Post-Brexit, farmers will be freed from cumbersome EU regulations and directives, which for many years, have made the management of their environment increasingly difficult.

UK farming has been in perpetual decline for decades under the watch of the EU. It’s time for a radical change in UK farming and for us to take control of our agricultural destiny. 

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