Welsh Government funded Amazon in Wales uses Recruitment Company to ‘hot-bunk’ Hungarian workers

Published Nov 23, 2017

Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP Wales has confronted the First Minister Carwyn Jones over claims that Hungarian workers are being bused in to work at an Amazon distribution centre in Swansea.

A constituent informed Mr Hamilton that a company called Central European Contracts and Recruitment Services contacted them about an advert for a spare room. The constituent was asked if the room could be used 24 / 7 for three shift workers, in what the constituent described as ‘hot-bunking’. She was informed that the shift workers in question were Hungarians who were being brought to Amazon’s Jersey Marine facility for the Christmas period.

Mr Hamilton said, "This revelation is embarrassing for the Welsh Government since it provided grants to Amazon in order to develop the facility. The grant is claimed by some sources to stand at £8.8m. At present he Welsh Government has refused to confirm the amount.
"Amazon’s Jersey Marine facility hit the spotlight back in 2013 as the subject of a Panorama investigation. It concluded that working conditions could cause “mental and physical illness” for employees.
"How can Labour’s Welsh Government, which claims to champion the working class, support a facility that employs workers from Central and Eastern Europe and treats them in such an appalling manner? UKIP will continue to investigate and hold the Welsh Government to account on this."
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