What planet is Ed Miliband on?


Diane_James.jpgEd Miliband claimed quitting the European Union would make Britain more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Diane James, UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman said "What planet is Ed Miliband on?

"We have seen many situations where terrorists and hate preachers have and continue to pose a clear threat to UK social cohesion and  UK citizens, many  have used the European Courts of Human Rights in order to stay at large in the UK.

"Unrestricted movement within the EU means that Britain's national border is now effectively with Turkey which is being used by a great number of jihadists for access into Syria, as we have seen today in the case of Hayat Boumeddiene, France's most wanted female believed to be responsible for the terrorist atrocity in Paris. In fact Miliband backs Turkey's accession into the EU which would extend the EU frontier even further to the ISIS controlled parts of  Iraq and Syria.

"The UK always has and always will maintain close relationships with other security forces across the globe in order to protect society. America isn't in the EU and has always been one of our closest allegiances. Regaining proper border control by exiting the EU would be the clearest first step towards protecting our society by enabling us to monitor and control exactly who is coming into the country.

"The challenge to Ed Miliband and Labour is to allow the British public to express its view, by supporting an EU referendum to bring back control to the UK and our national government, not that in Brussels."

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