Whittle calls for honesty in housing debate

Published Apr 19, 2016

PETER.jpgLaunching UKIP's London manifesto, Peter Whittle, the Mayoral candidate, was passionate in his vision for a London that works for all Londoners. Citing the spirit and soul of the city he launched into a passionate defence of UKIP's concentration of the impact of uncontrolled immigration on those things that matter most to Londoners, the ongoing housing crisis, congestion on public transport and a general sense of security.

He was introduced by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and was joined by the UKIP's team of London Assembly candidates, and went on to highlight aspects of the Manifesto.

UKIP Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle: "There is no point talking about housing unless you address the huge population growth in London, which is rising at 1 million new Londoners per decade, driven almost entirely by migration".

Some manifesto highlights
Housing in London is in crisis but cannot be solved by setting arbitrary targets. We must address both the supply side and the demand side. Building without reducing the huge inward migratory flow.
- UKIP will ensure the Affordable Housing program benefits local people first.
- Lobby government to prevent non-British nationals from accessing Right to Buy or Help to Buy schemes.
- Establish a London register of brownfield sites and prioritise homebuilding on such sites.
- UKIP proposes that council tax on long-term empty property in London should be set at twice the level applying outside London. Serving members of HM Forces would be exempt.
- Establish a London-wide homelessness register. Knowing exactly how many people are homeless is essential if we are to tackle the problem.
And a range of further measures to alleviate the housing crisis.

Most importantly as London mayor he will lobby Government to get a grip in the unsustainable levels of migration which are the root cause of London's problems.

- Introduce a 90-minute multiple-journey bus ticket.
- Expand the Santander cycle hire scheme and make Santander cycles available for hire using an Oyster card.
- Push for a temporary freeze on the number of PHV licences issued in London, to ease congestion and allow for proper regulatory systems to be put in place.
- Scrap proposals for the garden bridge, an unnecessary and extravagant vanity project.

UKIP has always taken a strong line on law and order and a UKIP Mayor will not hesitate to support the Metropolitan Police in their front line fight against crime.
- UKIP will place a greater emphasis on territorial policing and give Borough Commanders more responsibility for local policing plans. Spending decisions will be devolved to Borough Commanders, subject to the condition that they must maintain critical police numbers to support colleagues elsewhere in London, on demand.
- UKIP will take a zero tolerance approach to 'cultural crimes' including Female Genital Mutilation, of which there were 4,000 recorded instances in London in the last 5 years and zero successful prosecutions
- UKIP will introduce a single reporting scheme for hate crime in London. Only by treating hate crime reports objectively, rather than according to the subjective criteria of particular pressure groups, can we get an accurate picture of the seriousness of hate crime and where and how the Met should prioritise resources.

Business and jobs
- UKIP will actively seek to contract with London-based businesses though the GLA procurement process and prioritise British workers for jobs within the GLA group
- Pay all invoices due to companies with a turnover of less than £5 million within 14 days
- Campaign to get London boroughs to support local retailers by provide 30-minute free parking in High Streets and on shopping parades

There are a full range of policies in other fields.

UKIP is the party of change, of hope and of seriousness when it comes to London. Not afraid to speak our minds and committed to ensuring that London remains the best place to live, the greatest place to work and the model of a successful global city.

The UKIP manifesto is attached, it can also be found at our London Elections Hub -

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