Whittle slams opponents for ducking housing hustings

Published Feb 16, 2016

PRW_2015_Photo.jpgPeter Whittle, the UKIP candidate in the London Mayoral race, has slammed Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan for ducking out of the only hustings that is focusing on housing.

IPSOS Mori in October made it clear that housing is the key issue for Londoners, with more than half (54%) spontaneously raising it as their key concern.

Whittle said, "Of course, neither the Tories, nor Labour are prepared to address the issue in any serious way. They promise to build, but building cannot keep up with demand, and demand, whether they like it or not is linked to the level of inward migration.

"Latest ONS figures has London's population touching 8.5 million and projections are for a rapid increase to 10 million in a few short years. Unless this is addressed all the house building projects in the world will not deal with the ever increasing prices.

"It is a sad fact that most Londoners will never be able to afford to live in London.

"This cannot continue if you want London to remain the great city it is.

"That Goldsmith and Khan either cannot be bothered to turn up at the hustings run by the Royal Institute of British Architects suggests that either they don't really care about the biggest concern of Londoners, or they don't want to deal with the realities of the problem".

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