Why SMEs are better off out of the EU

Published May 10, 2016

Margot_3.jpgUKIP Small Business Spokesman Margot Parker, MEP for the East Midlands, has outlined how small business owners would reap the benefits of Britain being out of the EU.

"There are many reasons why we would be better off out - and small businesses would thrive away from the red tape tangles and over-regulation of the EU."

Here are just some of them:

- The EU is designed to help large corporations - NOT small companies
- As few as five per cent of SMEs export to the EU, yet 100 per cent have to comply with EU regulations
- SMEs import more from outside the EU than from EU member states
- It can cost SMEs up to 10 times as much per employee to administer EU compliance compared to a large company

And here are some more:

- EU led issues (such as the steel industry crisis) impact on SMEs in the supply chains of larger companies
- The threat TTIP represents to the NHS puts many small businesses working with the NHS at risk
- Out of the EU our government could slash regulation and reduce administrative costs
- Out of the EU our government could more easily create legislation to support small businesses
- Out of the EU SMEs could be supported and preferred when competing for public sector contracts
- By leaving the EU we could lower energy prices to make all businesses more competitive
- Out of the EU we could negotiate our own trade deals, open new export markets and reduce tariffs.

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