William Cash Jr: UKIP’s latest recruit


William_Cash_at_desk_library_.jpgWilliam Cash Jr, the Founder of Spear's Magazine, has announced that he is joining UKIP.

William, who is the son of veteran Conservative MP, Bill Cash, is being appointed Heritage spokesman for UKIP and is hoping to be selected for the party in the Midlands for the general election next year.

Nigel Farage, UKIP’s leader said: “I am delighted to be welcoming William to the party and am appointing him as our Heritage spokesman. William was deeply involved in the revision stage of the NPPF to strengthen protection for heritage and was invited by the government to submit a report on the implications to heritage of the NPPF. He is a member of the Historic Houses Association and also works with such conservation bodies as the Churches Conservation Trust and other leading heritage bodies. He has vast experience in the field and will be a great addition to the team, working closely with Stuart Agnew on Countryside matters and Peter Whittle on Cultural affairs”.

Mr Cash said: “This decision has been a long time coming. I have been a passionate advocate of Britain’s successful heritage business but believe that it and the countryside have been badly let down by this Conservative led government. 
There is a critical need to get the policies right in relation to Green Belt, tourism, heritage and countryside planning. This is especially the case with local economies in areas like the South-East (Kent has an over-abundance of heritage tourist sites) and the West Midlands where tourism is critical to the regional economies.

"Taxation on repairs for historic buildings is invidious and is damaging a £6 billion per year industry. It is cultural, historical and economic vandalism to allow this to continue.”

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