William Dartmouth MEP slams Labour for failing to protect the NHS against TTIP in the European Parliament

Published May 28, 2015

william_d.jpgThe European Parliament's trade committee backed away from a confrontation with the bloc's trade commissioner on Thursday, supporting proposals by the EU commission to continue ongoing EU-US trade talks. MEPs backed the continuation of negotiations by 28 to 13. 

Following the vote UKIP MEP William Dartmouth attacked the Labour Party for using underhand parliamentary manoeuvring to ensure UKIP amendments calling for the exclusion of the NHS from TTIP were not voted on.

Three Labour MEPs allowed through compromise amendment 22. This did not specifically include the NHS. In consequence, the UKIP amendments that gave the proper and necessary protections to the NHS were dismissed.

William Dartmouth MEP voted against the Committee's resolution on TTIP as it did not include essential safeguards for the NHS.

He stated that, "TTIP cannot be supported unless the NHS is totally excluded. It seems Labour thinks something different. Yet again more proof that Labour cannot be trusted to protect our NHS from EU-imposed rules.

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