William Dartmouth Spokesman Outlines Trade Vision


williamdartmouth.jpgWilliam Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for South West England and spokesman on trade:

The UK does not need to be in political union with the EU to trade with it. Dartmouth, author of a pamphlet debunking Europhile myths on trade, will outline UKIP's vision of a globally orientated trading power.

Dartmouth noted that an independent Britain would have many options for the type of post-EU relationship it wanted to have with our European friends and neighbours. "There are 7 different types of agreement non-EU countries can have, ranging from Association Agreements to full blow Free Trade deals. Furthermore, 6 of the 10 top exporters to the EU do not have any formal agreement with the EU. This all goes to show that the scare mongering about lost trade if we leave the EU is completely untrue."


The speech, which will be delivered to UKIP's conference in Doncaster next week, will also show case how successful non-EU countries like Switzerland are in terms of international trade. Notably, Switzerland has a number of trade deals with countries with which the EU does not have an equivalent deal.

The speech will also highlight how an independent Britain would enjoy a seat at top international institutions, in addition to the seats it already holds. "The Europhiles falsely accuse us of isolationism. Yet it is we, not they, who have the true global horizon."


Link to report on Trade "Out of the EU - into the world":

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