Without cutting immigration, integration plans bound to fail

Published Jan 05, 2017

pZCIEEd9.jpegUKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "Today's report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration looks like an attempt by the Westminster establishment to con working class communities in to thinking they're going to do something about controlling immigration, when we know that neither the Labour nor the Tory leadership has any such intent.

"The report is also an admission that uncontrolled immigration is a problem but there is no apology to the British people from the liberal establishment for presiding over and encouraging it. Likewise, it’s a bit rich for that same political establishment, who have overseen and approved mass uncontrolled immigration to be attempting to close the gate after the horse has bolted.

"As a relatively small island nation it's impractical and disingenuous to suggest immigration can be controlled via a region specific visa scheme

"The overriding requirement, at a national level is to have an Australian style points based system because believing that regional quotas and movement of people can work regionally would result in a disjointed, overly bureaucratic immigration system.

"Whilst British culture has been enriched by centuries of relatively low levels of immigration, the levels triggered under the last Labour government (7 million) are unsustainable and dangerous to the British way of life and social cohesion. There is no likely prospect of integration while numbers remain this high. I fear we are being eased into seeing the yearly intake of 100s of thousands as a New Normal. Integration is impossible without drastic reductions to these numbers".

Peter Whittle AM, Deputy Leader and Culture spokesman pointed out that net immigration figures are "pretty meaningless". He said "a million in and a million out equals zero net migration but it means the country ceases to be the same nation in any recognisable sense.

"It does make sense for local councils to stop the build up of 'ghettos', however, immigration in the tens not hundreds of thousands would make it easier for immigrants to integrate. One way to encourage the process of integration would be to place the onus on immigrants to learn English at their costs and for the government to stop funding translators and the printing of government materials in multiple languages.

"However, the liberal establishment's queasiness and distaste for Britain and its history and traditions means that they lack the confidence to really drive integration forward. This is especially true in the educational sphere which is the must important."

John Bickley added, "Why is there no mention in the report of the banning of sharia courts and law? Will the Labour Party now stop holding and attending gender segregated meetings, or are they in thrall to the votes they rely on from certain communities? And while the recent Casey report into communities is mentioned in passing the is no specific mention of the appalling situation in Rotherham and Rochdale and elsewhere - I wonder why?"

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