Women should not suffer because of naivety of politicians

Published Jan 05, 2017

download.jpgReacting to reports of widespread sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve in a number of European countries, UKIP’s Women and Equalities spokesman Margot Parker MEP said:

“It is not at all surprising we are again seeing attacks against women who are doing nothing more than celebrating the turn of the year in public. A brief look at the reports show hundreds of incidents across Europe.

“While none are on the scale of the appalling attacks in Cologne a little over a year ago, it is clear the problem has not gone away. Indeed, with almost 300 complaints made so far, what happened in Dusseldorf is a perfect example of Germany’s failure to get to grips with the problem.

“Given the massively increased security presence in most city centres following the awful events in Berlin one wonders how many more would have occurred with fewer police on the streets.

She blames the scale and demographics of recent immigration into Europe for the continuing attacks.

She said: “It does not take a genius to understand that if you allow well over a million immigrants, mostly unaccompanied young men, into Europe there will be problems with harassment and attacks on women.

“Combine the sheer numbers we are looking at with some of the cultural conditioning many of these men have regarding women and these crimes are all but inevitable.

“More needs to be done to robustly communicate to those newly arrived in Europe that women are not second class citizens or nothing but sexual objects to be abused at their whim.

“Women need to be able to feel safe in going out and exercising their freedoms, not compelled to stay in groups and avoid certain places and activities out of fear of harassment or worse. If that treads on cultural sensitivities then so be it. Women should not suffer because the foolishness and naivety of their political leaders put them in harm's way.”

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