Worries about immigration are at highest ever level, and continue to rise

Published Sep 30, 2015

CQJJCpQWIAQDJvo.jpgLatest figures from the Ipsos/Mori issues index have shown that 40% now regard immigration as the biggest single issue facing the UK, with 56% regarding it as one of the most important. Even 49% of Labour supporters rate it as the highest concern.

UKIP Immigration Spokesman Steven Woolfe said, “This poll number reflects badly on those amongst our country’s leaders who do not see how mass uncontrolled immigration is damaging the fabric of our nation. The people of this country do because they have the common sense to see that mass migration changes nations. If a country loses too many of its talented, economically aspirational people like those on the periphery of the Eurozone it is destined for economic failure. But if a country attracts millions of foreign born residents at an unplanned, accelerated rate it's infrastructure and public services are bound to creak at the seams.

"What's worse is that new legal and illegal immigrants to our country are settling not in low population density‎ areas like Scotland but in the cramped overcrowded conditions in the nation's capital and south east. This, together with the rapid cultural changes and pressure on our liberal values from some immigrants from illiberal societies, means that Britain as we know it is in danger of becoming a strained, crowded, unpleasant place to live.

‎"In the short term politics is all about incentives, how can politicians create a good environment for wealth creators to generate the taxes that a civilised society needs to fund and plan effective public administration. In the long run, politics is all about demographics. Unless, UK political parties recognise that population changes on the present scale are unmanageable, the island of Britain will face crisis on several fronts from security to home provision. There must be urgent action now to control our borders and reduce immigration and the only way to do this is to leave the European Union"

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