Wrightbus is a victim of EU regulations

Published Dec 10, 2015

CV27gP-UkAAeAQv.jpgDavid McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said the key phrase in the Department of Regional Development’s explanation of why they did not award the Belfast rapid transit contract to Wrightbus was : “We’re bound by European legislation and we would be penalised if we didn’t go through this process.”

He said: “The only logical conclusion to this is that we need to leave the EU and I’m sure the logic of this will not escape the directors and workers of Wrightbus or indeed the whole working population of Ballymena and its surrounding area, recently devastated by job losses. European regulation clearly ties the hands of the DRD. At least, that is their explanation.

"UKIP says it’s time to put an end to these EU regulations by leaving the EU. We would be able to compete far more effectively in the world market place without EU regulations. It would lead to more work and more jobs. As net contributors, if we left the EU our own government would have far more money – some over £50 million extra every day – to help our own firms to win contracts. It would also protect existing jobs and build new jobs if we left.”

Mr. McNarry added: “So the lesson of the Wrightbus loss of the rapid transit contract is clear. Voters should vote to leave the EU when the EU referendum is held. Just remember UKIP warned you about this first. We are the only party speaking up about this outrageous development.

"There must immediately be a close examination of how the Wrightbus contract was awarded. I have already put in 13 questions on this to the DRD Minister. We need to forensically dissect the situation and name the game. I already suspect that these EU regulations which lost Wrightbus the contract are framed in such a way as to give an advantage to Belgium, the home of the EU.”

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