WTO confirms UK's independent place post-Brexit

Published Oct 26, 2016

Patrick.jpgUKIP MEP for the East of England Patrick O’Flynn said: “Project Fear is in real trouble because the basic facts are on Britain’s side when it comes to international trade.

“It is very encouraging to see Roberto Azevedo, the director general of the World Trade Organisation, make clear that it will be straightforward for Britain to resume its independent seat on that body and that there will be no seizing-up of international trade.

“Britain is in a very strong Brexit negotiating position as the eurozone’s biggest global export market and also given our huge trade deficit with the EU as a whole.

“A recent Civitas study showed that even if WTO regime tariffs were adopted rather than free trade with the EU, Britain would raise £8bn more in import duties than would be levied by the EU on our exporters, meaning we could easily compensate such companies anyway.

“These are all points that we on the Leave side made during the referendum campaign. The assurances given today by Mr Azevedo further strengthen the case for speeding up the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.”

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