York MP backtracks on allowing migrants to 'Saturate' Britain claiming waiting lists don't matter

Published Sep 15, 2015

Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins has slammed Labour MP Rachael Maskell who said that the public should be happy with poorer public services as "dangerously out of touch."

Mrs Collins dismissed Maskell's claims that 'waiting an extra week for health services didn't matter' saying that as a cancer survivor, "time is of the element."

But in a bizarre turn of events, the Labour MP took to twitter to defend herself saying to Mrs Collins, who had breast cancer, that "I didn't" adding "come on, you can do better than that!" even though her comments were recorded by BBC Radio York.

"It matters a lot to hard working tax payers that they get the services they pay for and that their children get the best education possible," Mrs Collins said.

"I do not want this country to accept unlimited numbers of migrants - and we must not be fooled into thinking they are all refugees - particularly as we have intelligence from the French authorities that Islamic State terrorists are already hiding out in the camps in Calais ready to wreck havoc on our country."

"Latest polls show that the establishment view on migrants is way out of touch with the opinions held by the voters - I wonder if that is why Ms Maskell is backtracking?"

Maskell, who won the seat of York Central in 2015, was recorded addressing a rally saying that the UK should accept more refugees from Syria."20,000 is not enough, 30,000 is not enough. We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit?" she asked.

"When Ms Maskell says that 30,000 migrants isn't enough, perhaps she should remember that York Council housing waiting list increased by 70% in 2012, that hospital times are already "too long" according to the government's own health regulator, Monitor," the Euro MP added.

"Cancer patients are having to wait and the Trust has failed to meet waiting time targets for Accident and Emergency for the fifth time in two years."

"The report led to an investigation into York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust due to 'repeated failure' - yet the City's own MP thinks that things should be allowed to get worse for her constituents."

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