Zero hour contracts must not be used as a way of reducing the unemployment figures

Published Sep 02, 2015

jane-collins.jpgUKIP employment spokesman, Jane Collins MEP has blasted the huge rise in the number of zero-hour contracts for British workers saying neither the Conservative, nor Labour understand how “damaging and disruptive” these working arrangement can be for some workers.

Speaking from Brussels, Ms Collins said, “The fact is, with the growing economy, the UK should be moving away from zero-hour contracts, rather than expanding the use of them. However, with rising unemployment figures, I fear the pressure on government to show improvements in the economy will act as a catalyst to push more and more people onto these contracts, even when they are totally unsuitable.”

“While I understand that zero-hour contracts can suit the lifestyles and working patterns of some people, I am concerned some unemployed people are being pushed, under threat of losing their benefits, onto zero-hour contracts that offer no financial stability or continuity.”

“What really disappoints me is that some of the biggest employers using zero-hour contracts are Labour run councils. Labour made a big deal during the general election of saying they would ban zero-hour contracts, however, in the European Parliament, Labour actively supported legislation that enabled their use in the first place. This is another example of the say one thing, do another culture prevalent in today’s Labour Party.”

“While I don’t think zero-hour contracts should be banned outright, the regulations surrounding their use needs tightening to make sure that the unemployed and vulnerable members of society are not pushed into unsuitable work contracts and to also guarantee workers are not turned away when they have been promised shifts.”

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