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Latest National News
ISIS recruit should never be let back in says UKIP Leader.
   14 February - 2019
Olly Robbin's blunder confirms government has no intention of delivering real Brexit.
   13 February - 2019
UKIP Leader warns May - "Tories will be wiped off the European electoral map if they fail to deliver Brexit.".
   12 February - 2019
UKIP backs Black Cab drivers.
   12 February - 2019
Prime Minister to meet EU Regional Governor in Dublin.
   08 February - 2019
Latest Local News
Dartford UKIP announce 2019 local election candidates.
  14 February - 2019
Dear Extreme Remainers: Shutting down debate and critique is a very slippery slope.
  09 January - 2019
UKIP stages 'second referendum' on Newmarket High Street.
  17 December - 2018
UKIP welcomes Supreme Court verdict in favour of Ashers.
  10 October - 2018
UKIP Surrey organises Poster Truck tour.
  15 September - 2018