UKIP Surrey organises Poster Truck tour

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UKIP Surrey organises a summer Poster Truck campaign


Members of UKIP Surrey had a great response to calls for donations to run a number of poster trucks in the summer. Donors from many regions gave generously to support this project, even a member in Spain!


The first was to support the huge rally in London, to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Brexit Referendum on Saturday 23rd June. But as a little surprise, we ran the truck on the Friday before, all over London in packed shopping streets, around train and tube stations with thousands of people streaming past, at London Squares during lunchtime with thousands of office workers eating their sandwiches in the sun, through the City of London with people streaming out of their offices and over the bridges across the Thames to the main stations. Thousands and thousands of people in London were reminded that UKIP was still alive and kicking!



We started early on the Saturday when thousands of pro-Brexit marchers were assembling around Victoria Station and we followed the incredble procession to Westminster for the rally. This was when we started having suspicions that the Brussels loving British media were deliberately blanking this march and rally. When we checked later, we found the poster truck was on the news in Canada and Australia...but not in Britain. Words cannot describe the treachery and shallowness of journalists in Britain.



As the London pro-Brexit rally was getting minimal coverage by the media, we drove the truck all through the streets around Westminster, right into the heart of the Anti-Democracy Anti-Brexit rally, filled with mindless, EU flag waving, chanting fools who want to live under the heel of Brussels. With our powerful PA system on the truck, we mocked the Soubry supporters and reminded them that the referendum was won by a margin of 1,229,501 votes, almost 8% - so democracy had spoken, even if they didn't like it.


We ran the poster truck in Surrey and all over London for a number of weeks, we even went to Anna Soubry's constituency in Nottingham, and Ken Clarke's. Fran Loi of UKIP Nottingham was invited by the BBC to make our case for Brexit. Of course we shouldn't need to be making the case again, we won the referendum two years ago!


UKIP members in other regions are now raising funds to run the poster truck and back up street stalls and other public events.


If your branch in interested, drop a line to Russell at this email address: june23rd2016@gmail.com


Over the years, UKIP Surrey have organised a number of poster trucks for special events, by-elections and even to bash the local Tories on potholes!