UKIP Cambridge supports Stuart Agnew MEP in his European Parliament re-election campaign

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Image: www.ukip.org

Ely leafleting

With the European Parliament election campaign underway, our branch was only too happy to agree to a request from Stuart Agnew to help in his campaign. The first priority was leafleting - could we find a suitable town and provide leafleters? In return Stuart would buy the team lunch! Naturally we couldn't turn down this offer and selected Ely over Cambridge, which is really beyond redemption and has long been lost to the liberal fundamentalist movement.

Settling on Sunday 12th May, we chose the Waterside for the location for our recently-acquired UKIP gazebo. This is the waterfront area of Ely where there are restaurants, pubs, cafes and museums so lots of people moving about. A team of three including Stuart remained at the gazebo whilst two 2-man teams went to Ely North ward which we'd identified as a good area to carry out door-to-door leafleting.

As a branch we were very proud to have designed and printed Stuart's campaign leaflet for him, printing 28,000 in total. This went down well at the stall and with people we met when leafleting in their gardens in the great sunny weather that day.

Stuart met many Ely people who reacted very positively to the question, "Would you like to meet your MEP?". Most fulminated at the state of Brexit and our useless Parliament. Lunch at The Maltings restaurant courtesy of Stuart capped a thoroughly successful morning.