Election candidate champions business

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Image: www.ukip.org

Julia Searle, UKIP candidate for Reigate, discusses Brexit anxiety with business people

Julia Searle, the UKIP candidate for Reigate, has been speaking to business people in Surrey about how bad the Brexit chaos has been for business.

She was talking to business people at a networking event at Reigate Old Reigation Rugby Club.

Julia said: “The one thing that business people hate is uncertainty.  This Government promised to deliver on the result of the Referendum and missed two separate deadlines.  It’s not good enough.”

Julia set up her first business nearly 15 years ago to consult in business leadership and development.  Subsequently, she set up a second business organising hospitality events for wine tasting.

“It has always been important to spend time building relationships with local businesses and networking is very important to this,” she said.

“The Brexit paralysis has crippled local businesses and the high street shops alike.

I am angered by the lack of support given to  business.

“I want to challenge the current attitude towards business as an ‘after thought’ by giving business owners genuine support with lowering taxes and offering growth support.”