Let Us All Do What We Can

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Image: www.ukip.org

Helping the local community.

When we, as a nation, experience a crisis, it’s crucial that we pull together. But more essential is that we each do everything we can to help those around us.

Whether this is calling a friend, going to the shops for someone in a high-risk category, or even volunteering to help your community. The government may be doing its part on a national scale, but it is up to the individual to offer what they can on a local level.

Over the last few weeks, UKIP has been receiving pictures and news from members who are doing their part. Marietta King making hospital scrubs, or Pete Muswell helping out a foodbank, or Interim Leader Pat Mountain organising neighbourhood sing-alongs (as featured in The Argus), whatever you’re doing, let’s share the positive instead of the negative.

Let’s spread some inspiration. Post a comment or a picture of what you’ve been doing to help out.