Kurten cuts down Gender Recognition Act reform proposals

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UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten has laid bare the dangers of proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

Mr Kurten said:

"Theresa May’s government’s proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act to allow anyone to self-certify as the gender they are not is a preposterous attack on objective scientific truth. The aggressive promotion of transgenderism over the last five years has seen men being allowed into women’s prisons and boys allowed to share girls’ toilets, changing rooms and accommodation blocks in schools and the girl guides. Teachers and magistrates have lost their jobs for ‘mis-gendering’ someone or refusing to acknowledge that men who say they are women are women or vice versa.

"There has been a 4,000% rise in children seeking help for gender dysphoria as LGBT transgender activists have targeted primary school children for gender confusion, interfering with their normal development as boys and girls. This has induced an epidemic of mental illness in children, who then go on to receive very expensive puberty-blocking hormones, cross-sex hormones and surgery rendering them sterile.

"Research which does not reach a politically correct conclusion is silenced. This includes Prof. Littman’s paper into the new phenomenon of rapid onset gender dysphoria in clusters of teenagers connected by social media, or any acknowledgement of the existence of large numbers of ‘ex-trans’ people who regret having hormonal or surgical treatment, and their resulting inability to have children.

"The idea that there is something called gender which is different to biological sex is a fallacy promoted by the discredited research of John Money in the 1950s. There is no difference between sex and gender, and sex is determined by anatomy and chromosomes. For the government to dissolve this natural self-evident truth and attempt to write it into British law is insanity."

UKIP opposes self-certification of gender. The consultation on the Gender Recognition Act closes tomorrow, and it can be filled in here: