UKIP Leader hits back at anti-Brexit UK MEPs calling for all MEPs to campaign for an extension to Article 50

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Today an email was sent by a group of anti-Brexit UK MEPs to all European Parliament Members. The email calls on all MEPs to campaign to extend Article 50 beyond March 29, 2019.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, who was sent the email responded with the following:
"The anti-Brexit UK MEPs who put their name to the email asking for an extension to Article 50 have revealed themselves for what they are - a bunch of snivelling quislings who are desperate to keep their seats on the EU Parliamentary gravy train.
"17.4 Million British people voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016. There were no ifs, buts or equivocations in that vote.  It was made plain by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and many others on both sides of the debate, that this would be a once and for all decision and that Her Majesty’s Government would implement the result.  All the major political parties fought the 2017 General Election on the basis that they would respect the result of the Referendum and carry out the wishes of the majority of the electorate.
"The UK MEPs whose names appear on this communication have no respect for the democratic decision of the people. They dress up their self-interest as a concern at the ‘risk’ of a ‘no deal Brexit’.  In reality, it is about hoping that the Referendum decision may be overturned and reversed so that they can keep their salaries, their €300 per day tax-free allowance, and their pensions.  
"Never in the history of Britain have we been represented by such a band of collaborators, quislings and traitors. They are utterly contemptible.  It just goes to show how membership of the European Union has rotted the soul of some of our political class and the sooner we leave the better."