Theresa May's Brexit 'deal' will likely be voted down amid "choreographed betrayal"

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In an interview on BBC Radio 4 this morning, former Brexit Secretary David Davis said that Theresa May will probably lose a Commons vote on her Brexit deal.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:
"Mrs May sidelined Mr Davis when he was Brexit Secretary because she never had any intention of achieving a real Brexit.
"I would not be surprised if the House of Commons voted against Mrs May's plan - it angers both Leavers and Remainers. I suspect that this is a deliberate ploy so that the government will be forced to leave on WTO terms but then call for an emergency extension of Article 50 in order to extend 'negotiations' and the transition period. This should be seen for what it is - a plan for transitioning Britain back into the European Union in a few years time.
"This week I received information from within the European Parliament which convinces me that we are either heading for Brexit in name only or that it will be stopped entirely. The leak of the Tory communications grid yesterday provided further credibility to this information and that this is nothing short of choreographed betrayal."