Gerard Batten Speech to Brexit Means Exit Rally

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Brexit Betrayal – Brexit Means Exit Rally, Whitehall

9th December 2018

Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader


The best definition of democracy ever given was that by Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

What we have now in the UK is a government of the people, by the EU, for the EU. We no longer live in a democracy.

For forty-five years membership of the European Union has been a cancer at the heart of our politics and national life.

In 1973 we joined the European Economic Community. From the start we were lied to about its true nature.

Over the years we have been lied to time and time again.

At the heart of the problem was always this: are we going to be governed from Brussels or are we going to be governed by our own democratically elected Parliament and government?

That issue went unresolved as more and more powers were transferred to Brussels.
And meanwhile, all the political parties continued to lie about what was really happening.

Twenty-five years ago, the UK Independence Party was formed to use the democratic system to bring about change.

UKIP’s central aim is to restore democratic self-government to Britain.

We want to be governed under our own Constitution, and under our own laws made by our own Parliament.

It was the UKIP electoral threat, and nothing else, that forced David Cameron to give the Referendum of 2016.
Let’s recall what David Cameron said?

“You the British people will decide. At that moment you will hold this country’s destiny in your hands. This is a huge decision for our country perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And it will be the final decision.

“When the British people speak their voice will be respected, not ignored. If we vote to leave then we will leave. There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.”

Mr Cameron could not have put it plainer than that.

But he was lying to us, and we are being lied to again now.

On 23rd June 2016, 17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union.

Despite all the lies told by the Remain side.

Despite the political, media and international establishments campaigning for Remain, they still lost.

The British people saw to the heart of the question and decided by a majority that they wanted self-government and not rule from Brussels.

The political establishment had a problem: they expected Remain to win and it didn’t.

They had to come up with a plan to enable them to betray the Referendum.

The first step was to put a Remainer, Theresa May, in charge of the process.

The second step was for Mrs May to devise a plan with the European Commission whereby the whole process would be impeded and delayed for as long as possible and made to look so difficult that Brexit could eventually be overturned.

The third step is where we are now: to have a Withdrawal Agreement on the worst possible terms. An Agreement that satisfies neither Leavers nor Remainers.

The fourth step is to reverse the Referendum decision completely.

This is where our political establishment is now.
The whole elaborate charade of the last two years was to demonstrate to us that it is just too difficult to leave and we have to remain inside the European Union.

Next week Parliament is likely to vote against Mrs May’s deal.

They may seek even worse terms for a ‘new deal’ or to find a way of reversing the decision of the Referendum.

If Parliament does not take Britain out of the EU it will be the biggest constitutional crisis since the English Civil War.

In 1642 the King put himself in opposition against Parliament. Parliament won and the King lost his head.

If Parliament does betray Brexit it will be putting itself in opposition to the people.

And if Parliament wins the people will lose their liberty.

UKIP’s message to Parliament is clear and simple: Dump the Deal! And take Britain out of the European Union now!

The whole Brexit process has so far been conducted on an entirely false basis – that we can only leave under the EU’s terms.

That is not true. I have said for 25 years that the only way we will ever leave is by means of unilateral and unconditional withdrawal.

We must leave under our terms not the EU’s terms.

This is what a patriotic government should have done – and what our government can still do.

Repeal the European Communities Act as a first step. We have then left under our law, not the European Union’s law.

Chaos would not ensue as all EU laws would remain in place. Parliament can repeal or amend those laws in line with our own priorities and timescales.

We can offer the EU continued tariff-free trade or WTO terms – the EU can make the choice. It’s up to them.

We can offer a genuinely reciprocal deal on citizens’ rights.

All remaining issues can be approached in order of priority, and in a spirit of friendly but firm co-operation.

It is in the interests of the European Union to reach an accommodation with us.

A patriotic government that really wanted to leave the EU would not have asked the EU how it can be done – it would have told them how it is going to be done.

What can we do to bring pressure to bear?

The Referendum was achieved by the UKIP electoral threat.

The only way that we will ever achieve a real exit from the European Union is to rebuild UKIP as an electoral threat once again.

We are here today because we believe in our country, its laws, and its democratic government.

We have been betrayed by our political class for the last forty-five years.

Conservative and Labour MPs were elected in 2017 on manifestos that said that they would honour the Referendum decision.

Now they intend to betray the Referendum if they can get away with it.

The most important thing to a politician is votes – winning votes and losing votes.

The political class will only pay attention when they are losing votes.

Help us to take their votes away. I want you all to get behind UKIP. Join us and make us bigger and stronger.

We need more members, more money and candidates.

We believe in our country. We believe in our democracy.

We have to fight for our democratic freedoms by winning votes at the ballot box.

UKIP’s message and my message today is: Dump the Deal and Brexit Means Exit. Leave now!

Help UKIP to make that happen. Please join us and work for UKIP.