“The British people will never surrender!” - UKIP Leader tells EU Parliament

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This morning UKIP Leader Gerard Batten made a speech in the European Parliament in the wake of Theresa May's record defeat in the House of Commons over her Withdrawal Agreement. 

The UKIP Leader said,

"Mr President, we've seen two and a half years of an elaborate political charade, based on an entirely false premise, which is that you can't leave the European Union without a deal. There never was going to be a deal, there never is going to be a deal. 

"We've seen Mrs May's emissaries go back and forth to Brussels in order to reach a Withdrawal Agreement that nobody wants. The Remainers don't want it because they don't want to leave. The Leavers don't want it because under it we don't really leave. What is the purpose of it all? It is to wear the British people down to the extent where they accept defeat and surrender, and the result of the referendum is overturned.

"Well, not for the first time I found myself agreeing with something that Mr Verhofstadt said, he said, "to break the deadlock in the British Parliament we need a majority in favour of something" - absolutely right Mr Verhofstadt! 

"In three days Mrs May has to come up with a Plan B. Well the good news is there is a Plan B which should have been Plan A in the first place, which is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, leave the European Union under our law and then tell you how we are going to repeal and amend 45 years and tens of thousands of bits of legislation under our priorities and in our timescales. 

"Mrs May should immediately resign and hand over to somebody who can become Prime Minister who actually really does want to leave the European Union. The British Parliament has the opportunity to redeem itself. If it betrays the result of the referendum then it will destroy what remaining belief or faith there is in our democratic system, which isn't very high to start with. But they can turn things around if they want to. They can take the initiative, they can stop asking you how we can leave and they can start telling you how we are going to leave, and I can tell you that the British people will never surrender!"