Mike Hookem Explains Why He Left EFDD

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On 15th December 2018, I made the decision to resign from the European Parliamentary Grouping led by Nigel Farage. I am still waiting for an official response or any recognition of my resignation, which speaks volumes by itself.

I would like to make it perfectly clear that while I have resigned from the EFDD Group, this resignation in no way affects my membership of UKIP and am proud to continue to serve as the party's deputy leader.

Below is my letter to EFDD group president, Nigel Farage, resigning as the UK delegation leader and group member.

Dear Nigel,

Please take this letter as my resignation as Head of UK Delegation to the Europe of Freedom & Direct Democracy (EFDD) within the European Parliament, and as a warning of my intention to leave the EFDD group at the earliest possible instance.

During my time as an MEP, I have been proud to stand by my principles while others have fallen by the wayside; speak up for those who feel disenfranchised and under-represented; and defend the undefended. However, throughout my political career, I never have, and never will tolerate extremism of any kind; nor will I defend hypocrisy like that being displayed by yourself and those former UKIP MEPs who have recently left the party.

In 2013, you instructed all those wishing to stand for UKIP as MEPs, to sign an MEP charter where it stated anyone leaving UKIP should hand the seat back to the party should they decide to leave; as it was the party, rather than the individual who was elected. Furthermore, when Diane James left the party, you were among the first to rebuke her in the national press, calling her a hypocrite for not fulfilling the charter. Earlier this year you did the same to your friend, Jim Carver. If you write the rules you must be prepared to follow the rules, unless, you believe rules are to be followed by others but not yourself.

For many years I was loyal to you as UKIP party leader. Loyalty is something I hold in high regard, however, in this case, it is clearly not reciprocated. At times, I disagreed with some of your actions. Never the less, we were fighting for exit from the European Union. Leaders are transient and we have had a number of leaders over the last two years - more than necessary in my opinion - all of whom I have tried to support throughout my tenure as a UKIP MEP. However, my loyalty is and always will be to the membership who campaigned tirelessly. It is due to their hard work and their funding to the party that I and others were fortunate enough to be elected, I came in as a UKIP MEP and I will walk out as a UKIP MEP.

I, therefore, find myself unable to remain in a group of former colleagues who do not hold these values and who show scant regard for the members.

For the reasons I have outlined above, I will relinquish my duties as of 15 December 2018.

Yours sincerely

Mike Hookem MEP