UKIP Welsh Group Leader Slams First Minister for Empty-Chairing UKIP at Brexit Talks

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UKIP’s Welsh political leader has reacted angrily to reports that the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, is holding secret Brexit talks with the Conservatives and Plaid, without inviting the pro-Brexit party.

Gareth Bennett, leader of the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly said,

“UKIP is the only Party which is united on Brexit, and I am the only Party Leader in the Welsh Assembly who campaigned to leave the EU. The First Minister has called for cross party working on Brexit, but it doesn’t seem that extends to the only Party who truly represent the people of the UK, and Wales, who voted to Leave.

“I’m not part of the old boy’s club in the cosy Cardiff Bay Establishment, and that’s the only reason why UKIP has been empty-chaired in these important secret discussions. It’s a slap in the face to the 17.4 Million people across the UK who want the Government to get on with the job, and another reason why devolution is failing the people of Wales."