ISIS recruit should never be let back in says UKIP Leader

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Shamima Begum, a UK national from East London who left the United Kingdom to join Islamic State in Syria has announced that she wishes to return home. 
Ms Begum married a Dutch convert to Islam in Syria and spoke of being "unfazed" when seeing severed heads in a bin for the first time.
Ms Begum is currently nine months pregnant and wishes to give birth to the child in the UK.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,
"By her actions, Ms Begum has rejected British and Western cultural standards by joining Islamic State. It is unclear whether she took part in fighting herself; however, she displays no remorse or regrets for her actions.
"Britain must send a zero-tolerance message to anyone who leaves the country to join criminal terrorist organisations like Islamic State. Ms Begum should remain in Syria to face justice because that is where Islamic State have committed their crimes."