Cynical Corbyn referendum move cannot hold together Marxists, anti-Semites and Europhiles says UKIP Leader

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The Labour Party has announced that it is now prepared to back a second referendum vote after Jeremy Corbyn succumbed to pressure from his parliamentary party. 

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,

"This is a cynical move by Corbyn. He’s been a Leaver for his entire political life, and now he bows to the Remainers in Labour to prevent his parliamentary party fragmenting and disintegrating.  But even this cannot hold the Marxists and anti-Semites together in a common cause with his Europhile MPs. 

"A second referendum is a betrayal of the original referendum. Every EU referendum that has gone against the EU’s integrationist agenda has been either forced to a second vote and set aside or just ignored.

"If Parliament legislates for a second referendum it will be a betrayal of democracy unparalleled in our history. If there is a second referendum, the massed forces of the political and media establishments will unite for a Remain vote. This will cause a cataclysmic rift in British society that will not heal. 

"The 2016 result must be honoured and adhered to. It will never be too late for Britain to leave the EU and UKIP will continue the fight for Brexit."