Youngest candidate: ‘times are changing’

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The youngest candidate fielded by UKIP, Nate Rydings, says UKIP is the true party for young people who want to see an end to political correctness and the preservation of free speech.

“Times are changing and the youth in our country are becoming far more patriotic, populist and they are thinking for themselves," he said.

At the age of just 21 he has been the youngest branch chairman in the country, chairman of the Young Independence youth wing and a member of the National Executive Committee.  He spoke of the ‘privilege’ of addressing around a hundred people at an event in Wigan.

He said: “Young people are sick and tired of the current elite and establishment thinking they know best when all's they do is let young people down.

“Young people either get ignored by the Conservatives or lied to and used by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.”

Nate said UKIP was the only real political party that is dedicated to taking us out of the undemocratic European Union, a real party with clear policies, with members, and internal democracy.

“We are the true party for young people,” he said. “We want to put an end to Political Correctness, we want to protect Freedom of Speech and we want to end the Cultural Marxist indoctrination that goes on within our educational establishments.”