The BBC - Too Late for Reform?

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The BBC never forgave us for voting the “wrong” way in the EU Referendum and has done its best to chip away at Brexit for the last three years, trying to undermine the Leave side. They embraced Project Fear with both hands and are currently targeting Boris Johnson for his “Brexit by 31st October, regardless” stance. There’ll be much more in the next few weeks, I’m afraid. They haven’t given up yet.

The recent Brecon & Radnorshire by-election is a perfect example. Chris Davies, Tory candidate, was the previous MP who’d been convicted of fraud, so that his own constituents “recalled” him, forcing the by-election. The Tories should have fielded a different candidate but instead ran with the same man. Bad idea. With the Greens and Plaid Cymru stepping aside to boost the Lib Dem, it’s no surprise the Conservative Party came second. But the BBC at once began spinning it as: “a crushing defeat for Boris, making a no-deal Brexit even less likely,” overlooking that the combined “pro-Brexit” parties had a clear majority.

A few years back the News & Current Affairs section of the BBC “reported” the news. Now they try to “make” it, with correspondents giving us their personal opinion

We all have our own opinions and don’t need the BBC to shove a conflicting one down our throat. Even worse, they do it at our expense, literally. We pay them, via the Licence Fee, to splurge out their propaganda. They had their chance to reform but arrogantly refused to do so. So be it. UKIP’s policy is to scrap the TV Licence. Let’s see how long the BBC luvvies survive in the real world, appealing to Middle England where not everyone reads the Guardian.


David Challice

UKIP Head Office